Ian A. Findlay

LightWire, Inc. - Boston, MA

President: 2005 - Present

Founder and President

LightWire is an Managed Services IT company that provides fixed-price Outsourced IT services for small businesses.

With an array of services, from "virtual CIO" services to complete end-to-end management of a businesses technology platform, LightWire is positioned to provide exceptional value by 'becoming' the IT department for small businesses.

Marketspace, A Monitor Group Company - Cambridge, MA

CIO: 2000 - 2005

Recruited away from Razorfish in August of 2000, I was tasked with building a world-class (but cost-effective) infrastructure from the ground up that could meet the needs of Marketspace's widespread consulting and media business across 5 offices (Boston, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong).

Additionally, as part of Marketspace’s publishing process, I authored and published a chapter in Introduction to e-Commerce.

At the same time, in order to support the software development needs of our internal and consulting activities, we created a new software development team to be able to deliver on Marketspace’s promise of functioning at the intersection of technology and the customer experience.

As a result of the success of our group, our software development team was augmented in 2003 through our ‘acquisition’ of another Monitor Group development team group that was dissolved and whose team members were integrated into ours.

My role encompassed 4 areas of responsibility:

  • Management of technology for Marketspace and its network of companies, including Marketspace Advisory, Monitor Executive Development, and Monitor Software.
  • Senior level technology consulting for our clients with needs in technology strategy
  • Management of high-risk technology projects and products
  • Management of our software product technical support team

At its peak, the set of IT systems and processes that we developed supported approximately 150 users. These users, a demanding and technically savvy set of customers, are involved in a plethora of different activities:

  • disconnected consultants working onsite with clients for weeks at a time
  • a full-fledged digital video development department, with needs for massive storage and processing, specialized equipment, and video streaming systems
  • eLearning, with content creation and management needs
  • Software Product Development, with a voracious appetite for equipment, software, and storage to meet the core development, QA, source control, defect tracking, licensing, monitoring and customer service requirements associated with software product development

As a result of these needs, we developed an infrastructure which encompassed over 200 workstations and 100 servers (located in our data centers in each office), and included gigabit networking to the desktop (for the video production team); an iSCSI SAN (with approximately 9 TB data storage online); centralized web conferencing (for our sales and marketing teams and support efforts); Linux-based open-source, clustered java application servers, global VPN connectivity between offices and for end-users; offsite file replication to multiple geographies via TCP/IP; automated, centralized file replication of files between desktops/laptops and central servers; automated, policy-driven anti-virus and security patch management. The implementation and maintenance of these and other systems focused on ensuring ease of deployment and ongoing management, allowing us to support all of the systems and end users with only 2 full time technology staff members.

During my tenure at Marketspace, our IT infrastructure functioned as a live ‘proving ground’ for emerging and evolving infrastructure technologies, many of which were subsequently adopted by Monitor Group’s technology department. Over the years, I focused my team’s efforts on identifying and implementing those technologies that would significantly improve the capabilities and technical knowledge of Marketspace’s staff, while improving our ability to work effectively with our customers, and reduce our costs. As an example of some of these activities, the following is a list of innovations implemented by our team and later adopted by Monitor Group to serve its 1400 employees across 28 offices:

  • Implementation of a global VPN infrastructure to replace office-to-office frame relay connectivity and remote user dial-in capability
    • Implemented by Marketspace: 2000
    • Adopted by Monitor Group: 2003
    • delivered cost saving of > $2mm+ per month
  • Wireless networking deployed to all offices and desktops
    • Implemented by Marketspace: 2000
    • Adopted by Monitor Group: 2004
  • Access of email via web-mail
    • Implemented by Marketspace: 2000
    • Adopted by Monitor Group: 2003
  • Video Conferencing over TCP/IP linking all offices and some desktops
    • Implemented by Marketspace: 2002
    • Adopted by Monitor Group: 2004
  • Use of streaming video to record events and training sessions for re-use
    • Implemented by Marketspace: 2001
    • Adopted by Monitor Group: 2003
  • Use of dynamic offsite file replication over IP for data accessibility in remote offices and disaster recovery
    • Implemented by Marketspace: 2002
    • Adopted by Monitor Group: 2004

As a result of our efforts to continually provide Monitor Group with insight and learning on our activities, and pushing the Group to better understand the value and impact that technology can have on its operations and business offerings, we have succeeded in significantly raising the quality of Monitor Group’s technology offering

Razorfish - Cambridge, MA

Client Partner: 1999 - 2000

Razorfish is a premier interactive consulting firm, providing a broad range of ‘new economy’ services, from strategy consulting and development through solution delivery. The solutions that we delivered to our customers leveraged a multitude of capabilities, from traditional client-server architectures, to wireless, to broadband design and delivery, to physical design.

The Client Partner role was the most senior relationship management point of contact between Razorfish and its customers.

Responsibilities of the Client Partner include new business development, solution definition and strategy, team management, project profitability, and staff interviewing.

Personally sold and managed over $5 mm in client engagements for 2000.

Co-managed a team of 70 + ‘Fish’ with 3 other client partners, reporting to a general manager.

Client relationships included: State Street Bank, State Street Global Advisors, Microsoft, Vanguard, Adams Harkness & Hill, Copyright Clearance Center, Adero, Placelinks

Mentored 6 senior staff members

Member of internal Technology steering committee Knowledge Management Team

Conduit Communications, Inc. - Boston / London

Client Partner: 1999 - 2000

Conduit Communications was a London-based, multinational technology services firm that concentrated on technology-focused management consulting, Internet technology based development, large-scale database system consulting, and traditional application development. In July, 1999 we decided to merge Conduit with Boston-based, publicly held i-Cube. Shortly thereafter, i-Cube and Razorfish merged together.

  • Co-Founder, Boston Office
  • Responsible for multiple roles in the establishment and ongoing development of the office, including staff hiring, culture development, technology infrastructure, sales / account development, client solutions definition and delivery.
  • Consistent focus on office bottom line led the Boston office to consistently perform as the most profitable office in Conduit.
  • Grew office team from 3 to a peak of 20
  • Managed client relationships and solution development for clients including JP Morgan, EG and G, Compaq, Affiliated Managers Group, Harvard Business School Publishing, Adams Harkness & Hill, State Street Global Advisors, Inso, TransNational Travel, Tweedy Brown
  • Direct advisor on Conduit’s corporate technology steering board.
  • Helped guide the ongoing integration activities and geographic communication challenges between the Boston and UK offices

Marketing Engineers - Boston, MA

Partner: 1996 - 1997

Chief Technologist

Defined all technical solutions, implementation plans, and development for customers, including Switchboard, DCI, Dialogos.

Positioned company technical focus in development of dynamic, database-driven web sites. Established MEI as the Premier partner for development of Inso Corp’s Dynabase dynamic server platform

Responsible for development / implementation of all corporate technology infrastructure.

Multiple responsibilities including Sales, Recruiting, Hiring, and development of Partnership contracts

Integrated Technology Systems - New York, NY

Account Executive: 1994 - 1996

ITS is a technology consulting firm whose primary business focus is the installation & maintenance of corporate information networks, workgroup and imaging systems, and Internet connectivity solutions.

Creator and Director of ITS’ Internet and Groupware division. Responsible for:

  • Development of business plan for division
  • Identified existing and new clients for Internet solutions
  • Conducted strategy sessions to identify opportunities to leverage Internet technology within each business
  • Sold and implemented Internet solutions including hardware, software, and content creation. Sales process based on initial strategy work conducted to identify opportunities to leverage Internet technology within each business
  • Creation of hardware and software solutions tailored to the requirements of each client.

Responsible for account management. These responsibilities include:

  • Ongoing management of clients’ network and telecommunication needs
  • Research of the applicability and viability of emerging technologies for each client.
  • Solution definition for new clients and long-term client relationships, with a focus on the evaluation and implementation of emerging technology to their business process
  • Developed client management system for clients in Merrill Lynch Private Banking group.

DWS Computer Consultants, Inc. - Boston MA

Project Manager: 1992 - 1994

DWS was a small, Boston-based IT consulting company focused on network and telephony IT support for small businesses

Performed analysis to refocus sales efforts on most profitable customer segments

  • Responsible for 50% of DWS’ sales efforts. These efforts included:
    • Managed client relationships, including initial sales cycle, needs analysis, and solution definition.
    • Improved customer relations through creation & publication of 1st company newsletter
  • Increased overall sales by 40+% year on year.
  • Full partner in creation & implementation of Boston Computer Consortium:
  • Collaboration between DWS & two other companies in similar industries.
  • Implemented sharing of customers, resources, & business strategies
  • Implemented move to shared office space
  • Maintained DWS’ general accounting.
  • Strategic, long range planning:
    • Creation of a marketing focus on select vertical markets
  • On-site & off-site customer support
  • Created & implemented a hiring strategy for own replacement.

Trinity College - Hartford, CT

1988 - 1992



  • B.A.: History with Computer and Technology focus


  • East Asian Studies

Team Captain

  • Division 2 Alpine Ski Team
  • Part owner of Salisbury Wines - visit www.salisburywines.com
  • Nationally ranked Triathlete
  • Competitive Alpine & Telemark skiing
  • Wireless networking & data systems
  • Streaming Audio & Video systems